The Partouche Poker Tour, a once reputed poker tourney known for its large prizes, appears to have caved in on itself, after a possible advertising campaign did more harm than good for it. The whole debacle began with the website promoting a 5 million poker pool prize for this year’s edition of the Partouche Poker Tour. The site featured this statement soon after Sam Trickett won last year’s Partouche Poker Tour: “See you next year for Season 5 of the Partouche Poker Tour, this time with a guaranteed prize pool of five million Euros!”

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However, this year the Partouche Poker Tour was unable to secure a pool of 5 million euros and would have had to pay an overlay of €700,000 to meet the guarantee. Yet, instead of doing that the PPT reneged on their payment and claimed it was not a guaranteed event after removing all banners and material on the site claiming the pool guarantee.

Maxime Masquelier, who is the chief of the Partouche Poker Tour, refused to admit to any such guarantee and stated that there had never been such an offer to iGamingFrance. ““For a buy-in of €8,500, I think we can be proud of the final figure. At no time did we say that €5 million was secured when it is guaranteed in writing,” he said.

This brought out a strong reaction from the poker player community. Justin Bonomo commented on the matter stating, “If the prize pool is not fixed, the final 18 players should share contact information and work together to get a lawsuit going.” Peter Jetten also put in his own two cents and revealed that it was a marketing trick. “One of the head Partouche people told me “this was not a guarantee but a marketing trick,” he said.

Now, rather than face the music and pay up the overlay, the organizers of the Partouche Poker Tour have cancelled it completely.

Patrick Partouche, the CEO of the Partouche Poker Tour seemed to be disturbed by the poker community’s reaction and commented in quite the huff stating, “The Partouche Poker Tour bears my name, that of my family. I will not accept, my staff will not accept, that people can say ‘Partouche are thieves’, ‘Partouche are cheats’. As a result, this week you [have] attended the last edition of the Partouche Poker Tour. We hope that others will invest the same energy, the same desire, the same love so that this game continues.”

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