One of the old-timers of the internet poker industry, Paradise Poker, is no longer an independent.After several months of struggling to maintain relevancy, the poker room finally completed its migration to Boss Media’s network, the International Poker Network (IPN).

After cutting off U.S. customers as a result of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, Paradise quickly dropped to the bottom of the internet poker traffic rankings.Its cash game tables were largely populated by tumbleweed.IPN, while not huge by any means, has a solid cash game business, which should help Paradise tremendously.

At the same time, Paradise’s respected name may very well bring more attention to IPN, which until now, has not really had a major brand in its stable.Now that Yahoo! is on board IPN, as well, the network may be primed to make a big move.

To celebrate the move to IPN, Paradise is running several promotions, including awarding a €100,000 shopping spree, weekly WSOP seats, and various monetary prizes in a cash game league.

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