After the financial crisis, the US economy has been in a bad state and there are fewer good jobs to be found in the United States as well. Several people found a solution in online poker and many of them turned to poker since it is a game of skill and it could generate a lucrative income for them.

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April 15th was the day we all now know as Black Friday. On this day the government of United States added to the increase in unemployment in the country and shut down three online poker sites that operated within the United States.

The US is in a bad financial state of debts and the unemployment rate is more than 9% while the national debt keeps increasing at a rapid scale by the day. The United States has only added to the problem by initially banning online gambling and refusing the $42 billion that they could have collected as tax revenue. By doing this, they have also blocked the 32000 additional jobs that online gambling might have added to the country. Currently, the fact that the US government has decided against online gambling and have now also shut down the three top poker sites operating within the United States, has made the American online poker community extremely frustrated.

The Black Friday shut down has caused the unemployment of more than 50000 professional poker players. The government may have failed to consider the consequences of its actions even though it is clearly seen on such a large scale. Since the UIGEA was passed back in 2006, several Republicans who had voted against legalizing online gambling have changed their opinion regarding the same; however, it is still not the majority and hence the government is still against online gambling.

New US Poker laws stating the revival and regulation of online gambling can be introduced state by state or federally. This would be the best move that the government would have made in years. The government does not consider the fact that although they claim to be doing it for ‘moral reasons’ and for the people, Americans like to decide what they want or don’t want by themselves. People are going to be spending on some form of entertainment regardless of anyone’s opinion and that is why America is called the land of the free.

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