Raj Kundra’s Viaan Industries Ltd is launching an online poker league which will look to boost the poker market in India and put India into the global poker spotlight. Businessman Kundra has experience with the poker industry as he is the founder of Match Indian Poker League (IPL) which had a successful debut last year.
Kundra believes it’s time to launch yet another poker league in India and give it a different twist. The new league will be known as the Online Team Poker League (OTPL).
Online Team Poker League Format
Online Team Poker League will adopt a similar format to most team poker leagues but the main difference is that it will be run online. The structure of the league will start with 30 teams that will play No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments every other Saturday via the newly designed mobile app by Viaan Industries. The company believes that the propriety app will not only become the vehicle to deliver the OTPL in the country, but will also be instrumental in sustaining support and promoting OTPL all around the world.
OTPL’s first season is set to start in July and Viaan Industries is selling franchise rights for each team at 50 Lakhs INR which is the equivalent of $76,000. Those who are interested in purchasing an OTPL franchise will have to pay INR 10 lakhs upfront and can pay the rest of the money on a quarterly basis.
The winning team will be determined after the collective chip counts of all members of the team will be added up. They will take home Rs 6.6 crores at the end of the season which concludes in November. The winning team will also represent India in the annual World Online Team Poker League that is scheduled to be held every year in December.
Raj Kundra Impressed With Response To OTPL
Raj Kundra is bullish about the success of the online league and expects a second season to launch by January 2019. According to Kundra, it looks like OTPL will usher in a new era for poker in the country since the response has been phenomenal.
In a statement, Kundra said, “We have already signed 15 teams out of 30 and the response is phenomenal. I have also locked partnerships in the US, UK and Israel. Will have some more in other countries in the next couple of months and in July we will launch OTPL in India and internationally.”
Will OTPL Help With Poker Boom In India
Poker action has been heating up in India during the last couple of years. The very first poker league called Poker Sports League (PSL) was launched in 2017 and a number of poker leagues including Match Indian Poker League came up shortly thereafter. Indian poker players Nipun Java and Aditya Sushant took home the very first World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets for India in 2017, winning the baby tag team event and the WSOP.com Online Championship. The first ever WPT India also debuted in November 2017 and took place at the Deltin Royale in Goa.
Poker players in India now have a lot more opportunity thanks to the numerous brands in the market such as Match IPL, PSL, Global Player League (GPL), and now the OTPL. PokerStars the biggest online poker website in the world has also confirmed plans to launch operations in India before the first half of this year.
While there is no doubt that the poker action in India has increased significantly, poker is still banned in most states as the legal system continues to view poker as a game of chance and not a game of skill. Raj Kundra and his poker leagues are also looking to change that image.
Match IPL played a huge role during their recently concluded tournament, where they partnered with the International Federation of Match Poker to change the rules of the game and prove that poker is not a game of luck.
Kundra adds that right now, India is one of the fastest growing online poker markets in Asia, having grown by high double digits over the last few years. The OTPL will offer the Indian poker market something that’s never been done before, which bodes well and stirs even more excitement among the poker-playing community.

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