“Online Poker Watchdog” is an independent entity that has set out on a mission to check whether the claims of online poker sites regarding their clarity and fairness is true or just a farce.

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Online Poker Watchdog used several stakes and played different hands in selected tournaments and games in order to give poker networks and the sites on these networks a good or bad categorization. Following are some results for different poker networks that Online Poker Watchdog came up with. Those who want the details behind the calculations would have to visit the Online Poker Watchdog site, but below mentioned are the results of the ‘fairness test’ conducted for different poker networks.

Entraction Network has the following sites: Devilfish Poker, Victor Chandler Poker, Bettson Poker, and these were the sites that were tested for fairness and it seems that this poker network is not biased against good players.

Merge Network has the following sites: Lock Poker, Carbon Poker, right now not accepting US players, were tested for fairness and the results were similar to the ones above.

OnGame Network’s “player evaluation system” was speculated to be a “rig” working in favor of the site although they announced it as a system that would match players based on their potentials as an effort towards reducing the migration rates. The network has cleared the Online Poker Watchdog’s fairness tests.

Party Poker operating several famous sites, although a bit disgraced for its services has survived through these years. And although they might be in trouble due to Black Friday, it does seem that the services they offer are fair to the players.

These results suggest that players cannot blame their bad results or bad luck on the poker sites and their software. These poker networks want to hold on to their licenses and hence they do play fair. It seems that poker pros have to exponentially raise their poker standards in order to actually accumulate money from the house. While that should be their focus, they should also keep a watch on Online Poker Watchdog, which claims that it will be bringing more such numbers and results as evidences in the future. Everyone would be looking forward to such test results and it is a commendable effort put forth by Online Poker Watchdog, in order to serve poker sites as well as poker players.

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