Online poker traffic tracking site,, released its weekly update this weekend, reporting that cash game traffic remained virtually unchanged from the previous week across the entire industry.
The one poker room which did show some noticeable movement was Full Tilt Poker, which saw its cash game activity increase 7 percent.  PokerScout attributes this to Full Tilt’s “Take 2” promotion, which ran April 3rd through April 11th.  In the promotion, the goal was to earn five Full Tilt Poker points while playing either two simultaneous standard ring game tables or a single Rush Poker table.  Accomplish this during any five days of the promotional period and win five dollars.  Do this every day and win an additional 20 dollars, for a total of 25 dollars for playing very a minimal amount of poker.  Take 2 was obviously intended to get players to the cash tables, and based on the 7 percent uptick in cash game traffic for the work, it seems to have worked.
Party Poker also gained on the week, though ever so slightly, experiencing a minor 1 percent bump in cash game action.  PokerScout noted, however, that compared to the same time last year, Party Poker’s cash game traffic is down 22 percent, a significant drop.  There is a reason for this, though.  At this time in 2009, Party Poker was running its “Gladiator” promotion, which rewarded players with free cash for earning Party Points.  As expected, players flocked to Party Poker to take advantage of the opportunity.  In comparison, Full Tilt’s traffic is up a staggering 42 percent from last year.
There was no change in the top four online poker sites this week, as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, and the iPoker Network (Titan Poker, CD Poker, Sun Poker, and more) all maintained their rankings.  The only real chance in the near future for any movement amongst those four would be for iPoker to reclaim the third position from Party Poker, as there is only a 450 player difference between the two.  The difference between PokerStars and Full Tilt, who are first and second, and between Full Tilt and Party Poker is more than 10,000, so nothing is going to change there any time soon.  Similarly, the Ongame Network is 1,500 cash game players behind iPoker, so it will take some time for any jumbling there as well.
Starting with Ongame, though, there is a lot of jockeying for position for the remainder of the top ten.  The International Poker Network (IPN) moved up to sixth place with a seven day average of 2,300 cash game players, compared to Ongame’s 2,750.  IPN just edged out the Cereus Network, home to Absolute Poker and, by 50 players.  Only 150 players behind Cereus is Everest Poker, and only 100 players behind Everest is the Microgaming Network.  Cake Poker rounds out the top ten with 1,780 cash game players on average.
Speaking of Cake Poker, all eyes are on that network right now, as not only has its traffic slipped in the last several weeks, but a couple significant sites (Players Only Poker and are leaving for the Merge Gaming Network on April 15th.  Cake Poker just added JuicyStakes, BeteXpress, and Kakuy Poker, but many players expect the loss of two of Cake’s fishiest sites will be very noticeable.
On the whole, PokerScout’s ACES indicator shows that the online poker market is growing 12 percent annually.

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