In this day and age, finding success in online poker has become tougher than ever. This is why players now use extra tools and software to optimize their game and help them with their decision-making at the virtual felts. Among these tools is the HUD (Heads-Up Display), a software which enables you to track your opponents’ play by displaying stats and numbers in real time.
There are tons of HUDs available in the market today, but when it comes to efficiency and affordability, there are not a lot of options. Jivaro is one of those options that online poker players can try out. The company has been in the market for a few years now and has been focused on taking gaming experience to a whole new level by developing the best products and tools with user-friendly features. Its HUD in particular was designed to be less technical, so that players, especially the amateurs, can use the tool without that much hassle.
Enhanced Jivaro HUD
Jivaro offers an innovative design, powered by a reliable system that makes sure important aspects of your opponents’ game are well-monitored and recorded. The price is also rather affordable making it accessible to online poker players who have a limited bankroll.
Jivaro charges a subscription fee of $12.99 a month, but you can always upgrade and switch to a 6-month subscription for only $59.99, giving you some serious savings. Downloading and installing the tool is also an easy task. You only need to visit, sign up, choose the subscription option that fits you, and the software will now be ready to use.
HUD Mods
The Jivaro HUD gets rid of all the unwanted and unnecessary numbers on your screen, ensuring that only the key statistics are displayed at a time. This prevents players from absorbing so much information which only results in poor decisions. The HUD has two mods – the Core Mode, and the Advanced Mode.
The Core Mode is the ring around the player’s avatar. It displays three basic features: Voluntarily Put money In Pot (VPIP), Pre-Flop Raise (PFR), and Aggression Frequency (AFq). The Core Mode offers a clear visual representation of the number of hands you’ve played against your opponents at the table, helping you in analyzing your opponents’ game styles more efficiently.
The Advanced Mode lets you see specific stats, personally hand-picked by the Jivaro team such
as 3-bet, c-bet, fold to c-bet, fold to 3-bet, and a lot more. These stats will assist you in making your pre-flop decision. The HUD features help you optimize your decision making process by providing you with the most crucial info on every street, which you can navigate via the Command Center.
Command Center
The Jivaro Command Center is where you’ll see all the relevant real-time info you need about the tournament you’re playing. It provides a quick overview of the game, displaying the name of the tournament, the number of entrants, the remaining players, the number of places paid, as well as the prize money involved.
You will also be able to track your current position in the game and whether or not you’re guaranteed to finish in the money. You don’t need to open a new tournament lobby inorder to play. You can access the command center on each table that you’re playing.
Other Features
The tool also incorporates real-time recordings into hand replays which you can view and share anytime. You may also perform post-game analysis via the HUD built into the system.
All these features are designed not to interrupt your play, but to make sure that your focus will always be on the table. Whether you’re a hardcore player or a newbie, it will make your experience a lot more fun and exciting.
Jivaro recently announced it’s getting a new engine, with improved graphics and a new, user-friendly labelling system. The team is currently working on the new version and will soon release tons of fresh, exciting features for players to enjoy. For more on their latest releases, check out

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