Dan Cates has had success playing on the live tournament poker circuit winning $3.4 million in prize money and even more success playing online poker on sites like Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars under the username ‘jungleman’. His online poker earnings are in excess of $11.3 million, making him the second most successful online poker player after Patrik Antonius.

Cates has also been a part of a number of high stake poker games across the world and he has won considerable sums of money. However these high stake poker games are kept rather quiet and players can participate only by invitation. Although Cates has won a lot of money playing online poker, he is not very happy with these days.

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The 26 year old poker pro stated that the online poker industry isn’t what it used to be and the field is extremely competitive today. The policy changes made by PokerStars have also not made it easy to be an online poker pro according to Cates. While he admits to understanding why they decided to make those changes, he believes that most online poker companies have very little understanding of how what it takes to be a poker pro.

Cates also stated that finding high stake online poker games is pretty difficult these days. There are a lot more live high stake poker games than high stake online poker games and Cates has shown a preference to travel and play the live circuit these days as the high stake poker games are a lot more exciting.

There are apparently a number of high stake poker games happening in Manila, Philippines and Macau but Cates was reluctant to disclose their exact locations. He did admit to playing in Manila during August 2015 and losing $5 million during that trip. He also made reference to poker pro Tom Dwan losing $20 million in a high stakes poker match in Macau. However he admitted that it is not often that you have very high stake poker games.

In a statement, Cates speaking about high stake poker games said they have “gotten smaller too, and a little bit [rarer]. High-stakes cash games don’t last forever; you need enough people who are willing to play big. Five players is a lot, and then somebody quits, and then the game doesn’t run.”

Cates will be present at the 2016 World Series of Poker and has plans to play the $50,000 tournament.