Online poker forums are thick with rumors that a mysterious player, who is playing at PokerStars under the name of RaiseOnce, is none other that Phil Ivey, a professional poker player who is simultaneously feared, admired, and hated.

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RaiseOnce is from Mexico, a place where Phil Ivey has a house, but this isn’t the only factor pointing to the possibility that RaiseOnce is Phil Ivey. A number of poker enthusiasts noted that just before Black Friday, Phil Ivey left Full Tilt Poker and simultaneously RaiseOnce appeared on PokerStars. The fact that this happened almost simultaneously has given rise to the suspicion that RaiseOnce is actually Phil Ivey.

Moreover, RaiseOnce bears a striking resemblance to Phil Ivey with regard to text messages, gaming style, and multi-tabling abilities. He also stops playing when the game goes bad and plays only at high-stakes tables, just as Phil Ivey does. All this has made poker fans sure that Phil Ivey is indeed playing at PokerStars under the name of RaiseOnce.

According to the statistics at Poker Table Ratings, RaiseOnce lost $100,408 after playing 22,100 hands at the cash tables of PokerStars since mid 2009. He also won $348,750 in the $25,500 NL Hold’em Heads Up WCOOP event at PokerStars last year. Besides, Bluff Magazine says that RaiseOnce won $54,611 at a multi-table tournament at PokerStars.

Ivey did not participate in WSOP 2011, stating that he does not consider it fair on all the players who have not yet been refunded by Full Tilt Poker, the online poker room that sponsored him for several years. A few posters at online poker forums are furious that Ivey is raking in profits at PokerStars. One of these furious posters says, “People have every right to be angry over Ivey playing. The specifics of who knew what are far from certain, but many people lost life-altering money on that damn site.”

However, players cannot continue being angry with Ivey especially now that Full Tilt is all set to be acquired by Groupe Bernard Tapie and ex Full Tilt Poker players might soon be refunded. A number of Ivey fans are actually delighted that he is back in action.

From January 19 to 29, PokerStars will hold the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP), and a number of online poker fans are eagerly waiting to see how RaiseOnce will perform in the TCOOP, which is a brand new, high-speed online poker tournament.

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