Quite a few news bits about poker lately: gambling ban unlikely, poker fans push online gambling and should online gambling be banned?.

In other news, you regulars will notice that I've changed the look and feel of the front page a little, including the poker promotions on top of the page. The promotions will be written up in more detail in the coming week, but the current information page has all the information needed right now for the bonuses and promotions.

The forum submissions for poker books and online poker reviews will all be coming soon as well. I've just got to format and get a few things done. For now, the new reviews are: Killer Poker.

Lastly, I'm also sorry for being so behind on emails and not being able to respond to everyone in time. I'm terribly back-logged right now, partially due to a major spam hit on one of my public emails (now changed over, as most of you observant ones have noticed), so I've got aggressive filtering going on right now on my public email. For those in the know, you can still email me at my old address.

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