Ever want to test your poker skills in a huge guaranteed prize pool tournament but realized that with a couple thousand people playing, you wouldn’t get any sleep if you did well?Or maybe you are in Europe, but all the good tournaments start when you should be in bed?Finally, there is a poker tournament for you.

The Ongame Network, highlighted by online poker room, PokerRoom.com, has created the “flight tournament.”This type of multi-table tournament is designed to avoid the all-nighter by pausing the tournament after a set number of hours, allowing everybody to either relax or spend a day worrying about their short stack, and then resuming the next day.

There are also “forked flight tournaments,” which have more than one starting time.Just like at the World Series of Poker, a flight tournament features a massive field of players broken up into multiple starting days (and times).Once every “flight” has played through its first day, they are combined to play through to the end.

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