US poker players who have their money stuck in Full Tilt Poker bank accounts are still awaiting their money. However, the latest news on that front is that one Full Tilt Poker co-founder’s account that had $150 million has been released and it will be used to refund a few players.

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The question still remains as to how many US poker players (if any) will get paid and if so how much would they receive. Sadly, it has become a bit obvious that not everyone is going to get paid and no one would receive all their money.

The bank account that Full Tilt Poker will now be using to repay money to their players has only one third of the money they owe to the players in total. Where the rest of the money will come from is still being questioned. In fact, some day that it would be a miracle if Full Tilt Poker players receive any money at all. Also, there was no date mentioned as to when players would see some money in their accounts and US poker players should not bank on that money to get them into the World Series of Poker.

A Full Tilt Poker spokesperson said that the site is facing other issues – one of which is having those bank accounts that were not even seized by the FBI delaying the distribution of funds. Since they shut down on Black Friday, all those accounts have to be now reopened. How much money is even available after all the fines and dues are paid and accounts rechecked is still under speculation.

PokerStars was the first US poker site to get into an agreement with the government and start paying out its US poker players; on the other hand Full Tilt Poker is still facing financial hiccups. Full Tilt Poker has been looking for investors who would provide the $150 million for a stake in the company in order to return money to their players. However, they have had no luck so far. After all, no one would want to invest into a company that may or may not survive. Representatives of the Full Tilt Poker Company are having discussions with their US attorneys in order to process these payments and get more funds released at the earliest. Although it sounds promising, players should not bet on their money at this point in time.

Even if internet poker is legalized and these sites are revived again, they would have definitely taken a hit on account of loss of US poker players to other competitors on account of the financial problems they are facing now.

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