The poker world is bracing itself for what will prove to be one of the greatest staged heads-up matches in the history of the game. Patrik Antonius, a former professional tennis player that has made inroads into the poker world, has taken up poker-legend Doyle Brunson’soffer that he will play anybody, anytime, for the highest stakes they can muster at any variety of poker.

Although the specifics are still being hammered out regarding the stakes, the type of games that will be played and the location, the Finnish Internet and land tournament star will certainly be prepared to step up to any challenge that Doyle presents him with. In fact, on top of the poker challenge, Doyle has also challenged Patrik Antonius to a golf match where they will bet $100,000 per hole. Antonius commented last week on his blog in reference to the gold match that, “I would like Doyle to know that I accept his challenge (not that I had much of a choice, I would be the laughing stock of the poker world if I backed down from this challenge) and if I have until August to practice and improve, hopefully I can make a big dent in Todd's inheritance.”

By taking Doyle up on his challenge, Antonius now has no choice but to play any game at any stake that Brunson decides on; otherwise he will never be able show his face at any respectable poker table ever again. Antonius went on to say that, “I have been working non-stop on my pineapple game Doyle, so you better watch out.”

With ten WSOP bracelets under his belt and also being the author of what is arguably the greatest book ever written about poker, Doyle Brunson will prove to be a formidable challenge for Patrik Antonius. Brunson addressed the poker challenge on his blog last week. His friend, Poker Hall of Fame candidate Dewey Tomko, asked him, “Do you think you can beat Patrik?”

Brunson responded to Tomko, “No, Dewey, I have so much money I’m trying to throw some of it away. Of course I think I can beat him!” Brunson expanded saying, “I know I’ve got a lot more experience at most of the games I’ll choose. If anyone under thirty years of age can let me pick any game at any time I want, I strongly believe I can beat them. If I don’t, the Brunson Family has three hundred acres on the top of a mountain at Big Arm, Montana. I’ll retire and move up on that mountain and enjoy the wildlife and the sunsets for the rest of my life.”

Media outlets are already drooling over the opportunity to film what will surely be an epic battle between two poker superpowers. Card Player Magazine has already featured a cover story about it. Doyle recently had two radio interviews in Minnesota and both stations asked him about the upcoming match. Doyle commented on his blog, “Even the television networks are calling, wanting to televise this match. My only problem with that is that the public might not understand some of the games I will keep introducing.” The fact that the two players will be engaging in unorthodox card games makes the heads-up match even more appealing. It will be an opportunity to see two great players use their skills in creative ways that most people never get to see.  

Before Doyle Brunson became a poker maverick, he was going to play basketball for the LA Lakers. A serious accident left his leg crushed forcing him to make a drastic career change. Although he may not be the basketball star that he once was, the ball is now in Brunson’s court and Patrik Antonius will have to do his best to take down poker’s most cunning cowboy.

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