October 20th, 2005
I’m going to try and give the forum another upgrade this week to the latest version of YaBB. If all else fails however, I think that I may simply just create a forum fresh from scratch there, as it will be a good way to re-organize many of the categories in the board that Scotty, JP and myself have been meaning to do. The old forums will be still be archived of course, if anyone will want to search for topics, but starting from a clean slate is starting to look like a better idea, especially due to the fact that the new replayer site is almost there.
Also, no word from Party Poker regarding their rakeback deals. Rumor mill is still buzzing about rakeback deals under the table, but my contact says that they are flatly not allowing it. Party Poker may make some bad decisions, but they’re also crafty when it comes to business, so it may be prudent to see what happens in the new few months regarding rakeback.
October 11th, 2005
Early post, but I’ve uploaded a blackjack strategy article, to address the new blackjack option that Party Poker has implemented in their latest update.
October 10th, 2005
I’ve been pulling strings to see what information I can get out of Party Poker regarding why they recently decided to give the boot to their skins. I’ve also heard rumors of some type of comparative internal rakeback system, but that’s all that they are for now, rumors.
In the meantime, I will pimp out PokerStars.com some more right now, since they are giving a 25% bonus right now to new and existing players for depositing at their site. In addition, there is also the Online Poker Blogger Championship that you are eligible for, if you are a blogger. This is the $25,000 freeroll for a bunch of fun goodies, so PokerStars really makes the grade in my book. In addition, you’re also paying about 10% less rake at PokerStars and nearly 20% less at the low limit games, so it’s almost like playing with rakeback in a way.
October 8th, 2005
Wow, amazing news today. Party Poker has broken away from it’s various skins, such as Empire Poker, Multi Poker and Intertops. For the serious poker players among us, this is some very interesting and serious news, since many players play on Party Poker as well as the various skins, for reason of bonus hunting and other deals.
My original consensus was that Party Poker would have simply bought out all of their skins and consolidated into one site, due to the amount of revenue they generated after . Now, it almost looks as if Party Poker may be looking to deny the skins from participating in it’s network, in order to either stop the bonus abusers, rake back players or force their skins to sell to Party Gaming if they have been uncooperative in buy-out bids. All speculation on my part, but it’s definitely interesting news in the poker world.
In addition, Party had added deal making abilities in their poker tournaments, which is a very needed function. On the downside however, they’ve added blackjack, which is completely uncool in my opinion. I give my official two thumbs down at Party for pulling this one.
October 6th, 2005
It’s come to my attention that Party Poker is kicking and banning players that are using Poker Prophecy. Party has mentioned before that they were going to get serious, but it looks like they finally stepping it up. Lots of people have gotten warnings, but accounts are now being closed (money is refunded to players’ banks or Neteller accounts however). I believe Poker Edge may be on this list as well, so you may wish to heed any warning emails that you get from Party Poker if they detect it on your system. Poker Edge does have a web based system to use however, which is not detectable.
October 5th, 2005
I forgot to mention, Tight Poker has teamed up with the guys at Poker Sherlock. If you want a free 6 month copy of Poker Edge or Poker Sherlock, please visit this forum thread.
Oh, I will also be upgrading the forum to the newest and latest version of YaBB. That means I will be 100% certain of breaking the board within the next day or two (or three, four, five.. etc). Please don’t cry if you can get your forum fix for awhile, because I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of crying already if the upgrade goes horribly wrong.

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