Dan Sindelar, professional poker player and University of Nebraska graduate, is one of the November Nine who will meet again at the Rio in November to play the finals of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2014. He holds the fifth biggest stack of chips.

He told PokerNews that he almost stopped going to class in his junior year and began playing poker in casinos. Later he moved to Omaha so that he could play at the Iowa-based Council Bluffs. He also began playing online poker around that time, and when he was 22, he moved to Las Vegas.

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Before emerging as one of the WSOP 2014 Main Event November Nine, he had won around $335,962 playing poker tournaments. The biggest cash prize he had won so far was $105,312 in the Fall Poker Classic Championship of 2007, held at Minnesota’s Canterbury Park.

Sindelar also won $60,000 playing the $550 buy-in Card Player Poker Tour 2013 Wynn Las Vegas NL Hold’em tournament, finished 13th and won $44,110 in the 57th event of WSOP 2012, finished as the runner-up of the WSOP Circuit 2013 Caesars Palace NL Hold’em Re-entry tournament and won $31,523, and finished 27th in the 46th event of the WSOP 2012 $2,500 buy-in NL Hold’em tournament. Regarding playing poker in Las Vegas, he said that the games have gotten tougher recently and added that he no longer plays as much as he once used to. He also admitted that he is playing more golf these days.

When he finished as one of the top 27 players of the WSOP 2014 Main Event on Day 6, he said: “This is so much fun, I can’t really explain it right now; so much blood pumping right now. I’ve never played for this amount of money, so I’ve never really quite felt this feeling before. I just love it. I want to come back again next year and hopefully do the same thing.”

Although he was the chip leader on Day 7, he quickly lost some of them and ended up with the fifth biggest stack of chips when the finalists were determined. Expressing his appreciation of Mark Newhouse’s style of gambling, Sindelar said that he is tough “and it’s amazing what he’s done to make it back-to-back final tables.” He also admitted to having a “lot of respect” for Newhouse.

Since he has got the eighth seat and Newhouse the fourth, their table positions are quite balanced.

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