November 23rd, 2004
I'll be gone for awhile, so happy Thanksgiving in advance everyone!

November 22th, 2004
Thanks to those who played in our tournament vs the WPTFan guys yesterday. According to their points system, I guess we 'won', so beers all around and that good stuff. Also, I forgot about last week's tournament winners – so congrats to Neonknight for winning last week's tourney as well. The raffle winners last week were: Knabraps, who wins a free copy of Poker Tracker and Randy, who wins a one month subscription to Poker Edge. Please private message me on the forum or send me to get your prize. Thanks!

November 21th, 2004
A reminder that the forum tournament vs WPTFan is going on today at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST at Pokerstars, so check out the forums for more details. Good luck to everyone that plays and have fun. And remember, no soft playing!

November 13th, 2004
My email has been on the fritz – if anyone has been trying to contact me over the last 3 days, you'll probably need to contact me again or resend the email, as my server probably lost it. Sorry for any inconveniences.

November 9th, 2004
For those who haven't kept up, Poker Edge 2.5 was released a few weeks ago, so it's a good time to upgrade if you haven't already. If you don't know what Poker Edge is, it's a tool for Party Poker players that statistically tracks your opposition. Here's a review about PE, which includes a deep discount link if you decide to purchase it.

This Sunday, Nov 14th @ 4:00pm EST, we will be holding another forum tournament (click on link for additional details). Everyone is welcome to play and a free copy of Poker Tracker and 1-month subscription to Poker Edge will be raffled off.

Also, since just about all the forum regulars have won a copy of Poker Tracker, there will be a contest for two free copies of PT this month. The contests are easy! Either: Send in either the story of the funniest bad beat that you saw (or took) OR send in an article on strategies for winning the Party Poker NL 25 game. The best submissions in each category are declared the winner, with 1-month subscriptions of Poker Edge going to the runner-ups. You can email the submissions to me here. Good luck and hope to see those submissions!

November 2nd, 2004
Congratulations to captZEEbo for winning the Rapid Attack tournament and winning his choice of a copy of Poker Tracker, subscription to Poker Edge or Small Stakes Hold'em! I will have to verify the histories first, but otherwise a very nice showing at +100 points.

Lastly, it's Election Day. Regardless of your ideology, if you don't get out and vote, realize that you don't have any right to complain about American policy for the next four years. Do your part and vote.

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