November 30th
Well, I actually have the replayer done with sit out bugs mostly(?) fixed and a speed adjuster included. The ability to jump to different hand numbers is *mostly* done at the moment but I’m banging my head against what should be a cut-and-dry piece of code that simply isn’t working. I want to release this all together, so sorry for all that are waiting.

November 24th
Fixed a few errors in the commentary (thanks Dave), but most importantly updated the replayer with some minor bug fixes at the moment (took care of the sitting out bugs). I’ll have a speed adjustment feature and hand selection/next hand/last hand button too. Stay tuned!

November 23rd
Uploaded a new 0.50/1 commentary in the Poker Lessons section. This game was more loose and thus more typical of a regular Party Poker low-limit table. I didn’t add a whole ton of commentary like last time about every play and instead just mainly commented on my own play for the most part. That.. and well, I was distracted watching TV at the time.. but like I say in my commentary – do what I say, not what I do, right? 🙂 Oops..

November 13th
Finally, posted a guide on Party Poker player notes. I’m sure there are editorial flaws in there like everything else. Let me know please if there are 🙂

November 11th
Just a note that I also did a commentary on a No-Limit history sent in by DewBoy, which I’ve posted in the visitor hand histories section of the site, under the Hand History Replayer page. Enjoy too (although I’m by far not a NL expert here, so just making sure that’s clear) 🙂

November 10th
Ah, it’s finally up. I actually played the game last week, but took me hours to comment the whole thing up – sheesh!! Anyhow, you can find it on the new example lessons page. I’ll be posting a guide to taking player notes shortly (tomorrow)!

November 4th
I realized I haven’t posted in forever, so sorry folks. To make up for my absence, I’ll be putting up a commentary on a low-limit *ring* game, since it appears most of my visitors aren’t tournament junkies like myself 🙂 I use asterisks because it’s been a long time since I’ve sat and played a ring game (ring = regular 10 person table game), but hopefully people will find watching my play useful. If anyone has requests for what limit you’d like to see me play, let me know in the forums!

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