The obvious revenue loss and the Black Friday situation that the American online poker industry is now facing has led to an intermediate cut back of online casino games played with real money and online poker tournaments. This has taken place on several of the top US poker websites and encompasses those US online poker sites that offer guaranteed cash rewards. The sites most affected are the ones seized by the FBI.

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Full Tilt Poker which is known to conduct the nightly $24 + $2 Razz tournament has brought down its guaranteed cash reward to $750 from $1500. Although, the $3 + 30c Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo event on PokerStars has maintained its guaranteed cash reward at $1500, it is expected to issue some cutbacks soon. However, the good news for Europeans players and US poker players with shares in British poker sites is that the legal impediments and modifications will most likely not affect the UK market.

Poker players are worried about the well being of the online poker and online betting industries and fear that other poker sites will be closed down or sports betting sites catering to US players may also be affected.

As a result, several non-US online gaming sites have been quick to distance thmelsevs from US players or emphasize their lack of Us players. Bookmaker William Hill began the William Hill Company in 1934 which was later purchased by Sears in 1971. The company was floated in the stock market and was worth £1 billion in 2001. Even though the company has both casino and poker websites most of its 15 billion turnover is not a part of its poker earnings. Director of Investor Relations, Lyndsay Wright, William Hill PLC stated: “There is nothing significant to report yet in terms of new trends since the US clamped down on Full Tilt and Pokers Stars. We don’t take US customers and have blocked our site to US players for many years now, since before the UIGEA was enacted.”

On the other hand,, a small poker entity in the UK founded by a group of poker fans who used to play at the Gala Casino’s card room in Central London, transferred the club online because of a few legal issues. This was a website was already making its presence felt among poker enthusiasts. According to a representative from the website, “Gutshot Poker operate on the Ipoker/Playtech network and do not accept players based in the US so it is fair to say that we have not been effected by the recent events in the US.”

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