Australian players using US poker sites are worried about their online accounts and most of them are pulling their money out of the three major online poker sites operating in the US that were accused of fraud recently.
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PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker are all trying to convince their non-US players that their money is safe despite having been shut down by the US government based on serious money laundering allegations.
Full-time online poker players in the US now seem to think online poker in the US is going to end and hence their lucrative incomes will also be affected. US online gaming authorities are willing to block online gambling and some say all this is because of one Australian internet tycoon Daniel Tzvetkoff.
Daniel Tzvetkoff was arrested last April while he was in Las Vegas, attending an internet billing conference. Daniel Tzvetkoff had a net worth $80 million at that time and was accused of having masterminded the US $ 540 million money laundering problem.
Daniel Tzvetkoff, was apparently betrayed by these poker giants believing that he had stolen millions of dollars from them; they had tipped off the FBI. Daniel Tzvetkoff had then filed for bankruptcy, but authorities believed that he had stashed away US $100 million; he also had a house at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast.
Daniel Tzvetkoff faced 75 years in prison; however, in a twist of fate Daniel Tzvetkoff was released in June last year without a bail hearing although he had been denied bail earlier.
In a serious twist of events the three poker giants PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker have closed down perhaps because of an information leak by Australian internet tycoon Daniel Tzvetkoff.
Daniel Tzvetkoff was also involved in a lawsuit with Sam Sciacca which ended in a $100 million trial. Daniel Tzvetkoff has turned on the very people who got him arrested initially and they are now hanging by a thin thread as the FBI continues to investigate them. It must be noted that Daniel Tzvetkoff was not named in the 52-page indictment against these poker giants.
While on the other hand, online poker players in the US believe that this will not affect their belief on other poker sites accepting US poker deposits. US poker players affiliated with online poker sites that accept American players believe that the existent legal form of online gambling will continue to be the same.

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