A tournament specifically designed for people working behind the scenes of poker tours is set to be held for the first time at the Hard Rock Tulsa in November!

The “Poker Industry Championship” will run just before the Game Seven stop of the RunGood Poker Series (RGPS), which takes place on November 12-17. RGPS President Tana Karn was the brains behind the event, which seeks to celebrate the behind-the-scenes individuals contributing to the overall growth of poker.

More Details

The inaugural Poker Industry Championship is a two-day affair, and will feature two events – the first one, a $135 buy-in 8-Game Mixer, will take place on Monday, Nov 11. This will lead into the $330 Poker Industry Championship on Tuesday, November 12, at 12pm. The most exciting thing about this event is that the buy-in will have no house rake, and the dealers will directly get $30.

The first event will be open to all players, kicking off the action with 15,000 in starting chips. The second event is restricted only for poker employees and each participant will be asked to provide either a media badge or a valid gaming license when they register. The RunGood Series will follow at Hard Rock Tulsa right after the Poker Industry Championship.

How It Came Together

Karn has had the chance to attend the World Series of Poker Employee Event twice and this was where he drew inspiration to come up with a similar kind of event for poker employees. Karn’s experience at the WSOP Employee Event was so much fun that he considers it one of the best experiences he’s had playing the game. While they are on tour, Karn would always hear the dealers talking about the Employee Event, which they consider their own version of the popular Main Event.

Karn said that he will never forget his first year taking part in the event where he sat in a table of dealers. An amateur dealer sat in the box and his actions apparently showed that it was likely his first time dealing cards at the table. He was nervous, but there was no shortage of encouragement as everyone was giving him a lot of encouragement. The green dealer eventually became comfortable and ended up doing his thing like he was an experienced WSOP dealer.

Karn aims to replicate that experience in the Poker Industry Championship, where dealers and other people working in the industry will be showcased. As the event will be livestreamed, Karn expects everyone to feel like “superstars”. He went on to say that people working behind the scenes in the poker industry love the game the most and they simply deserve an event designed exclusively for them, giving them some sort of fun and enjoyment away from their daily work.

The no-rake policy will give $30 straight to the dealers, so those who can’t play the tournament will bring home some extra cash.

Partnership with Hard Rock Tulsa

Karn said the RunGood Poker Series wouldn’t be as successful without the massive contribution of Hard Rock Tulsa. Karn said they share a common goal of growing the game – something that dealers are also passionate about. Hard Rock does not only provide quality service during tournaments, it is also a top destination for entertainment lovers.

The Poker Industry Championship has been receiving positive feedback. In fact, a second edition is already on the drawing board and could happen on the West Coast. Karn said their main goal is to travel the whole of America, so more people have the chance to get involved. Karn hopes to hold the Championship event in the next three years.

RGPS Game Seven

The RGPS currently holds the Global Poker Award for Mid Major Tour/Circuit of the Year. Its upcoming stop at Hard Rock Tulsa carries a “Game Seven” theme, and tournament winners will be awarded with National Championship-styled rings, courtesy of Signature Championship Rings. Among the events on the schedule is the fan favorite $135 RG Pro Bounty, with bounty envelopes containing between $1,000 cash and RG apparel up for grabs!

The main highlight of the series is the Main Event which will be live-streamed. Players will compete for prize pools ranging from $10,000, $20,000 all the way up to $100,000. More details can be found here

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