It took a while, but another online poker network finally shut down to U.S. residents. Lightly trafficked GamesGrid announced this weekend that because of “recent” U.S. legislation, it can no longer accept American customers.

Tony G, the well-know Australian poker pro, has his own room on the network, In his online blog, he expressed his dismay at the decision, saying that he would have stayed open if it wasn’t for the network’s decision.

To at least try to help his U.S. customers, Tony G said that he will personally reimburse those who ask. All they need to do is transfer their funds to his own account at and e-mail support. In the e-mail, they are to detail how much they sent, what their TonyGPoker account name is, and their account name on one of three sites still available to Americans: Ultimate Bet, PokerStars, or Full Tilt Poker. Tony G will then transfer the same dollar amount to them on the site of their choice.

Good man, that Tony G.

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