Nitrogen Sports, the world’s biggest bitcoin sports betting site, has now entered the online poker sector with huge goals. Since Nitrogen has seamlessly integrated its poker gaming service with its existing sports betting site, bettors can play poker for fun or bitcoins while wagering on their favorite sports events.

Playing online poker with bitcoins is gaining popularity these days as bitcoin is not owned, regulated, or controlled by any bank, financial institution, or government. Players who wish to play poker with bitcoins can create a bitcoin address, absolutely free of charge, in no time. Bitcoin transaction fees are nominal, and Nitrogen Poker does not charge fees for processing payouts. Bitcoin is the most anonymous payment method in the industry as players can create a bitcoin address without revealing their names and addresses. They can also create an account at Nitrogen Sports anonymously. Above all, bitcoin is instantaneous, enabling players to deposit funds in their Nitrogen Poker accounts and start playing online poker games in a matter of seconds.

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Nitrogen Sports co-founder Jacob Dawson said that the company is well aware of the fact that the online gambling industry will benefit greatly by just accepting bitcoin. Stating that the biggest benefits of bitcoin are its low transaction fees, security, anonymity, and instant transactions, he said that it was very easy for Nitrogen Sports to make the decision to extend the bitcoin benefits to the online poker gaming community.

James Hampleton, another co-founder of Nitrogen Sports, said: “This extension of our brand comes directly from the feedback we’ve received from our current users. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible user interface, and I’m really excited to hear what they have to say about our new and modern software.”

The launch of Nitrogen Poker gives the online poker world an anonymous and secure place to play their favorite games of poker. Players interested in creating a bitcoin wallet can do so at, a service that will provide them a temporary bitcoin wallet along with a small amount of bitcoins, which they can use to either share with their friends and family members or donate to charity. Once players are comfortable about using bitcoin, they can visit Nitrogen Poker and register for an account.

Launched in 2012 with the aim of delivering the best possible online sports betting experience to bitcoin users, Nitrogen Sports is run by a team that combines technology with experience and innovation.

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