Table Ninja has released its new version, in which a number of issues regarding PokerStars’ Zoom Poker have been fixed. The new version also solves the SNG Sensei problem that a number of regional clients were facing.
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Customers of Table Ninja who were using the older version are advised to download the latest versions of both Table Ninja and PokerStars for the most rewarding online poker experience.
PokerStars latest online poker offering, called Zoom Poker, has become very popular among online poker players. It is an online poker variant that bears a striking similarity to Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker in that all players who sign up for Zoom Poker are placed in a common pool of players and given another table as soon as they have finished playing their hand. The system eliminates the need for players to wait till they have folded.
Players can select the “Fold to Any Bet” option, after which they will be immediately given another table where they can play a totally different hand. The result is an online poker variant that moves at breakneck speed and offers continuous poker action. Zoom Poker can be enjoyed by anybody who loves poker, irrespective of whether they are professional players, recreational players, beginners, or seasoned players. In other words, Zoom Poker has something for everybody.
A player can play on eight Zoom Poker tables simultaneously. At present, Zoom Poker is available only as a cash game, but PokerStars has plans to offer it in the tournament format.
Table Ninja’s latest version enables PokerStars players to get the most out of Zoom Poker. It includes a hotkey, which players can use to replay their hands once again, and an option that enables an audio effect whenever the present session comes to an end. Thanks to the latter feature, players will hear a ping as soon as their Sit n Go session concludes.
Table Ninja also enables players to configure table frame widths and includes support for large fonts for small tables. Several bugs, including issues related to the SnG opener and the “Auto Handle Big Blind,” have also been fixed, thus making the latest Table Ninja version as bug free as possible.
The team of developers at Table Ninja spent a lot of time processing feedback from customers to make the program as effective and bug free as possible.

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