The Solaire Poker Room, which features fine dining facilities, exclusive tables, and glass ceilings, was inaugurated a few days back. It forms a part of Macau’s Solaire Casino and Resort Complex, which was launched in March 2012 and is worth $1.2 billion. The poker room project, which was initiated by Mike Kim, plans to “explore a brand new market for the local entertainment industry and at the same time create some new fishes.”

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Ronald Regis, coordinator of the newly launched Solaire Poker Room, said that the poker room offers the type of big tables that nobody else offers in the Philippines. Regis said that the opening day went well, attracting “far more people per square foot” than expected. The opening, however, was a bit unusual because it lacked a freeroll, but Regis said that the poker room did not offer an inaugural freeroll as it did not want to attract the type of players who weren’t interested in gambling.

Regis said that he wanted the casino’s regular players to get the first opportunity to play at the poker tables. Unfortunately, many of them were unable to afford the games. Regis said: “Regs were able to open the first table but could not squeeze on any of the other ones, as the games there were way too big for them. We managed to keep only one table down to PHP$50/100 as then we had two running PHP$200/400 games and another one offering Omaha with pretty big limits as well.”

The new Solaire Poker Room aims to attract Asian high rollers while simultaneously creating an excellent local poker venue for international professional poker players. Players might wonder if high limits and four poker tables are really sufficient to get high-roller poker action, but Regis is quite optimistic. Speaking to PokerNews, he said that the poker room will host a couple of big poker events in 2014, adding that Sam Park already visited Solaire before opening day to talk about hosting a World Poker Tour (WPT) stop at Solaire in April 2014. Besides, the APPT has also expressed interest about stopping at the new poker room.

Solaire is also a great place to just relax and unwind. The casino is already well-known for its fine dining facilities, and Regis says that whenever those who come to the Philippines to gamble feel like taking a break, they can just head over to a beach and then get back to their gambling.

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