Have you ever paid your buy-in for an online sit-and-go and a few minutes in say to yourself, “Why did I start playing?I don’t have the time for this.”Well, fear not, for Party Poker has come up with a solution for you.They are introducing the time-based tournament.

Normally, a tournament lasts until all the chips belong to one player.In a time-based tournament, play lasts only for a set period of time (15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the table).When time runs out, the three players with the most chips make the money.Of course, play could go fast enough where one player remains standing as normal, and thus the payouts would be made just like any other Sit-and-Go.

The time-based Sit-and-Go’s at Party Poker are under a tab called “HellKat” in the lobby (no idea why).Some of the time-based tables will also feature randomized end times.They will work the same as the other, fixed end time tables, except that the tournaments will end as much as ten percent early, adding a little uncertainty to the equation.

While one would expect some rather erratic play in these tournaments, they might be worth a try for entertainment’s sake.

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