This past week, Tournament Director Matt Savage wrote a two-part article for, detailing his discussion with WSOP Tournament Director, Jack Effel, about changes for this year’s World Series.Suggestions and complaints from players were apparently taken to heart by the WSOP organizers since last summer, and many logistical changes have been made to make the experience go much more smoothly for everyone.  

A summary of the major changes follows.Thank you to Matt Savage and PokerNews for an excellent piece and continued good work.

Rules Changes

•Players may not listen to music on devices that can double as communications devices (ex: iPhone).
•Players may not use cell phones at the tables at any time.
•Players may not partake in “excessive celebration.”Basically, cheer and pump your fist, but don’t pick up chairs, use a shark card protector to recreate a scene from Jaws, or go running around the room.
•Poker rooms that allow U.S. customers may once again advertise, but must use their .net logos.
•Alternates are no longer allowed, except in the second event (two-day $1,500 no-limit hold’em) and the Main Event.

Logistics and Other Changes

•No more silly tent.The food area will be improved and a second ballroom will be used for extra tables starting on June 14.
•Blind structures will be adjusted, although the structures have not yet been published.
•More registration windows and payout clerks will be available to decrease wait times.
•The satellite area will be moved to where the food was last year, opening up tables in the main room.
•The $25,000 chips will be a new color, as last year, the $5,000, $25,000, and $50,000 were almost exactly the same, causing much confusion.  

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