Poker players who are tired of subscription poker rooms, in which nobody seems to take the game seriously, and fun money poker sites, in which nobody can win any real money, will definitely be pleased with Quarter Poker, a brand new poker site that claims to make online poker competitive as well as fun besides allowing players to take home real money prizes while simultaneously complying with the gambling laws of every US state.

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Quarter Poker gives each of its online poker customers 25 cents per day. Players can request a payout through PayPal when they have accumulated $50 in their accounts. The only downside is that only half of every payout request is processed, as a result of which players will get only $25 if they request a $50 payout. Players can opt to purchase a monthly membership, in exchange for which they can get a 1:1 payout.

Klinghoffer of Quarter Poker said: “We want to try and provide a platform for competitive online poker without having to risk your own money. The games are definitely more competitive.” If players lose their entire account bankroll playing poker, they will have to wait for a period of 24 hours before they can claim their next 25 cents. This forces players to take the game seriously as they will have to wait for full 24 hours if they lose their entire bankroll.

Klinghoffer further says: “It’s in your benefit to always play competitively. Sure, some users may plat on tilt when they first start out, but once you get a few dollars in your account, you’re going to play competitively as you try and make your way to $50. That’s the thought anyway.”

Quarter Poker is perfectly legal. Their team of lawyers says that the format adopted by the site is not considered gambling in any part of the country as the players do not pay the operator. This enables Quarter Poker to offer a wider range of poker games to more players than subscription poker sites and the new variety of auction sites launched in certain states.

Klinghoffer said: “We had the model approved by one of the top gaming attorneys in the country. And while the reason is actually kind of complicated, it boils down to the fact that this isn’t gambling. For something to be gambling, 3 things must be present: consideration, chance, and prize. At Quarter Poker, chance and prize are present, but consideration isn’t.”

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