The new Poker Notes Live app is an exciting new tool designed especially to help live poker players keep track of poker sessions and take important notes.

The app’s graphic interface allows players to quickly and easily select the number of opponents they are playing against. Players can track important information such win and loss data, buy-in, tips, and so on from the table position reserved for them. Once they have done so, they can add opponents and enter relevant opponent information such as names, general notes, pre- and post-flop behavior, generate gaming style, and so on. The app also allows players to make a note of aggressive play, win percentage, and the percentage of hands played.

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The new Poker Notes Live app bears a striking similarity to HUDs used at online table play. It helps players pay attention and take down important notes on how various hands are played. The only difference between Poker Notes Live and a HUD is that players have to manually take down notes in case of the former. This enables them to productively use the time available in between hands.

Two versions of Poker Notes Live are available—premium and free. The free version is capable of supporting only one table and forgets all about the old one when a new table is begun. It is therefore ideal for recreational players who do not spend a lot of time playing poker. The free version, however, is not for professional poker players who spend several hours playing the game and need a better tracking tool.

The premium version, which can be purchased at Google Play and the App Store for $9.99, is capable of saving data related to unlimited poker tables and keeps track of all the players tagged and the notes taken down. There is also a backup feature to protect the valuable notes in case something happens to players’ tablets or phones. Players can also change table themes, which is a desirable feature although not essential.

Poker Notes Live is an app players must have irrespective of whether they are professional or recreational players. Initially live poker players might take time to get comfortable with the app as it involves using a tablet or smartphone. Live poker players who have never played online poker might take a longer time to understand the app. But they must try out the app as it will definitely help them improve their game.

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