A new app called Bold Poker, created by a German developer called Martin Kavalar, has attracted a lot of attention. It replaces cards so that organizers of home poker games do not have to shuffle and deal.

The developer says: “Our poker round was always pretty dull because no one was any good at dealing cards, and the longer the night was, the worse it got.” Stating that his intention is not to create impersonal poker games, he said that he has only created an app that replaces cards. He said, “You’ll still need chips to play. All Bold Poker does is take the hassle of dealing away from you.”

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How does Bold Poker work? The app first has to be downloaded. The game of poker requires a couple of players with iPhones. The dealer is an iPad, which deals two cards to each iPhone. Five face-down community cards are then displayed on the iPad. At the end of a betting round, the required number of cards is turned over. Players can start a new hand by hitting the dealer option on the iPad.

When it was launched into the market a year back, the app cost $1.99 per player. Recently, Kavalar started offering a free version that takes a five-minute break after 10 hands are played. The dealer app also comes in a paid version that does not have any five-minute breaks, but costs $24.99. This month, players can purchase it for $14.99.

The app deals cards to as many as 12 players per hand. Bold Poker also comes in an Android compatible version, which currently supports only player functionality.

Kavalar also said that he will soon include an Omaha version into Bold Poker. His company also has plans to create tiny mirrors so that players can view their cards.

Players need Internet to use this app because it requires a server to deal cards. According to the developer, the most ideal Internet connection is Wi-Fi. Kalavar said: “This turned out the most reliable way to connect all the devices to each other and have it work on both iOS and Android.”

Players might wonder if Bold Poker is secure. But Kalavar assures that a “battle-tested shuffling algorithm” is used to shuffle the cards and that they are transferred securely to iPhones via SSL encryption.

Players who want to know more about the app and see it in action can visit its official website—www.boldpokerapp.com

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