The usually vibrant live poker scene has become dull and silent these days as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over the globe. Over the last two months, a lot of major poker events have been cancelled, and many are still waiting to be dropped as organizers monitor the situation. Thankfully, online poker sites are coming to the rescue!
Over the past few weeks, online poker rooms have enjoyed an increase in user traffic as players flock to online sites to continue doing what they love. Operators responded by announcing major online tournaments, attracting more players in the process.
If you are a poker enthusiast yourself, you probably have thought about going online too to entertain yourself while on home quarantine. The best option to play competitive poker is to go online. If this is your first time at playing online poker, we have some key tips to help you get started on the right note!
Limit Your Tables
As a beginner, you will find it difficult to play at multiple tables as that will need a lot of mental strength and composure. So do not aim to take on a dozen tables as it will only affect your concentration. You can begin playing one to three tables, or set a certain limit where you can still focus on your gameplay. Even if you’re only playing one table, if you are profiting from it consistently, that’s a good start! You can move up if you feel you’re already capable to play multiple tables.
Be Flexible
If you are a beginner, using starting hand charts can help reduce the pressure of making starting hand selection choices, but be careful not to over-rely on them. Adopt a flexible style, adjust your ranges, and alter your starting hands in line with the dynamic at the table.
If you depend too much on these charts, your play becomes predictable, and you will more likely lose than win. As you gain more experience, you will also be skilled enough to loosen your range of starting hands, however if you’re still a beginner, it’s better to stick with the best hands while maintaining flexibility and caution.
Keep Your Emotions In Check
Tilts are inevitable in poker, both live and online. And most of the time, knowing how to deal with mental and emotional swings is one key to be successful in the game. Each player tilts differently, so it is important that you monitor how you’re feeling at the table. You must be in control of your emotions.
If you let your emotions rule you, it will result in poor decisions, and ultimately, failure. So if you feel like things are getting out of hand, it will be best to take a break, leave the table and just rejuvenate. That way, your mind will be reset and you will be more prepared for the next battle.
Each Player Is Different
It’s unwise to assume that all players are the same. As a beginner, this is one of the most important things you should keep in mind. Do not treat each player on equal level. Instead, pay attention on their play style, their cards during showdown, and their actions at certain scenarios. This will help you read their strategy and make a proper response that will benefit you as the game progresses.
If you keep these four things in mind as you start your online poker journey, you will enhance your game and gain an advantage over other newbies out there who are playing against you at the same tables.
It still remains uncertain when this pandemic will finally be over and when we can return to our normal lives. The best alternative for us, poker fans, is to go online and play, all the more important that we pay attention to these tips!
Check out the major online poker sites as they are currently running some really big tournaments. If you are not very confident of going online and playing for real money, don’t be rushed. Take your time and learn as much as you can so that you are confident and have a decent strategy!

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