UltimateBet has completely changed its player loyalty program, turning it from something that was less than thrilling to something that is, well, less than thrilling.

Called RAI$E, the program’s aim seems to be to reward its most frequent and highest stakes players.There are five status levels, which are achieved by earning Status Points through contributing to raked pots or playing in tournaments.The higher the stakes, the fewer raked hands needed to earn point.As new status levels are achieved, Ultimate Points, the points that are used to determine bonus clearing, are also earned more quickly through multipliers.For example, someone who as achieved the third status level (Contender) will earn three Ultimate Points for the same number of raked hands (assuming the same stakes) as someone at the entry status level (Member).

To compensate for the multipliers, more Ultimate Points are required to release deposit bonus money at each successive status level.At the two highest levels, however, the proportional requirements are slightly lower than the three lowest levels.In any case, those playing at micro stakes will have a harder time earning bonuses than before, while those playing at high stakes will have an easier time.Those in the middle will see little difference.

UltimateBet has also decreased the points to cash conversion rate, making it less worthwhile to take advantage of this promotion (which is not available to players at the two lowest status levels).There are also a maximum number of points that may be converted to cash each month.

With the RAI$E program, UltimateBet is offering perks to players who move up in status. It starts slowly, with the ability to enter tournament with points, purchase items in the online store, and bid on special auctions.At the very highest levels, players will receive discounts on store purchases, have access to a VIP host, get invited to special auctions and tourneys, and even have the opportunity to earn interest on their account balances and play with the UltimateBet pros.

In the end, if you are a high rolling multi-tabler, this new RAI$E program should help you.If you are not, it will at best not hurt you.

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