The state of New Jersey has altered and voted for online gambling in the region and now that the authorities are very close to passing the bill permitting online casino and gambling legislation, poker players in the region can soon happily gamble online without worrying that they might be in violation of the law.

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This bill will make New Jersey one of the first US states to legalize online gambling; this move may put it back on the map for its casinos and give Las Vegas competition or revenue.

The senate committee – the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee – in the NJ state agreed to allow the casinos in Atlantic City to provide online gambling services to residents of the state.

According to the recent bill being approved by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, the new rules will permit the casinos in Atlantic City to offer various kinds of casinos games, with an exception to nothing. This means that online poker is to be officially legal in the state of New Jersey. However, as per regulations, all the infrastructure, computers and software set up systems must be physically housed in Atlantic City. The new bill has also established a tax system for online casinos and will be collecting a tenth of the gross revenue earned by each casino.

This places the tax at a 2% higher rate than that of the tax duties currently paid by land based casinos in Atlantic City, which are required to pay 8$ tax.

In 2011, a similar bill was sent to the floor for approval but was denied by the New Jersey governor on the grounds that it would subsidize the state’s horse racing sector, while also failed to set rules for internet cafes turning into gambling houses and stipulating rules for areas outside Atlantic City for operating on these lines. The new regulations put forth by this bill have dealt with all of that. According to the new bill, horse racing industries will get no additional revenue as a result of the new laws and only permits the Atlantic City casinos to offer online gambling.

This puts offshore casinos completely out of the running in the state of New Jersey and also does not allow any casinos based outside of Atlantic City to offer online gambling services.

This limits online gambling geographically to Atlantic City, and will in all likelihood be a great means of improving the revenue of the AC casinos.

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