Poker legend and Hall of Famer Doyle Brunson let his 389,000 followers on Twitter know that a new documentary about his life and accomplishments on the poker circuit is in the making. Brunson said that the same group that filmed the Michael Jordan documentary is producing a detailed series on his life.
Doyle Brunson Documentary
Doyle Brunson retired from poker a number of years ago but announced that he planned on making a special appearance at the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) which runs from Sep 30 to Nov 23. Brunson was ranked in 2019 as one of the top four most important players in poker history. The other three players were Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and Chris Moneymaker.
The younger generation of poker players knows that Doyle Brunson is a legend in the poker world and is aware of some of his exploits at the poker table. The new documentary will give them a better idea of why Doyle Brunson is arguably the most respected poker player in the industry and the story behind the man.
The producers of the ‘Last Dance’ did a great job in portraying the life of Michael Jordan and his time with the Chicago Bulls during the 1990s. Jordan changed the face of basketball and turned the Chicago Bulls into a global brand. The producers brought those memories back to life with some great interviews, wonderful storytelling, and exclusive content.
Brunson announced that the shooting for his documentary has already gone on for a month and did not confirm when the shoot will be wrapped up. As of now, there is no indication as to when the new documentary will be released and on what platform.
The producers might want to get some action of Brunson playing live at the 2021 WSOP as it will definitely bring things full circle.
Brunson Has 10 WSOP Bracelets
Brunson has been a regular at the WSOP for years and has had a great run over the years. He has a total of 10 WSOP bracelets and is tied in second place alongside Phil Ivey and Johnny Chan. Phil Hellmuth tops the list with 15 WSOP bracelets. Brunson has two WSOP Main Event wins on his resume.
Brunson’s first place was in 1976 when he won the $10,000 Championship event. He had a great year in 1977 as he won three WSOP bracelets playing the $5,000 Deuce-to-Seven draw, the $10,000 Championship and the $1,000 Seven-Card Stud Split. He won one bracelet in 1978 winning the $5,000 Seven-Card Stud and another one in 1979 when he won the $600 Mixed Doubles with Starla Brodie.
Brunson did not win any WSOP bracelets during the 1980s but that did not stop him from soldiering on. Things changed and he picked up one in 1991 when he won the $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em. He would win another bracelet in 1998 after taking down the $1,500 Seven-Card Razz. His 9th bracelet win was during the 2003 WSOP when he won the $2,000 HORSE. His tenth bracelet was secured in 2005 when he took down the No-Limit Short-Handed Hold’em.
Brunson hasn’t confirmed which events he is going to play during the 2021 WSOP but chances are he is going to try for another WSOP bracelet and it would be awesome if it could be captured live for the documentary.
Brunson – Inspiration To The Poker Community  
Brunson faced adversity at the poker tables and some serious challenges in his personal life as well. He has battled cancer a number of times and has admitted to being healed multiple times including once at a miracle crusade by Kathryn Kuhlman.
Poker players who are looking for inspiration will find quite a bit of it when they sit down and watch the new documentary on Doyle Brunson.

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