Nevada legalized the use of recreational marijuana in the state from July 1, 2017 and since then the marijuana industry has flourished in Nevada and the state has also permitted marijuana shops to stay open 24/7 to serve customers. However it is still illegal for marijuana to be consumed on the premises of Nevada casinos because state law only permits marijuana consumption in private homes. Marijuana consumption is now allowed on casino properties, concert venues, restaurants, public parks, bars, clubs and any federal properties.
Nevada Casinos Do Not Permit Recreational Marijuana
Marijuana consumption is still illegal under federal law and since the casino industry is subjected to federal law, Nevada’s casinos have a strict policy that prevents marijuana from being consumed at its facilities. While the law is clear about marijuana consumption, there is still many grey areas when it comes to the overall marijuana industry.
Casino operators in Nevada are not clear if they can allow marijuana conferences to be hosted at their premises and allow marijuana shops to display and sell their paraphernalia during these conventions. Since federal law considers the marijuana industry illegal, casino operators want to know if they can accept funds from marijuana transactions since the money emitting from these transactions can also be considered illegal and be termed as money laundering.
Gaming Committee To Meet By Dec 15
Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has called on the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee to address these concerns and make it clear for the gaming industry to understand the relationship that it can have with the recreational marijuana industry. The Governor issued the order on 19 September and has given the committee time until December 15 to meet and start their work. Gov Sandoval will serve as the chairman of this 12 member committee. The committee comprises of members from the Gaming Control Board, Gaming Commission, the Assembly and the Senate.
The Nevada Gaming Commission started holding discussions from August to address how the marijuana industry in the state could impact the gaming industry. Gaming Commission chairman Tony Alamo said the objective behind these meetings was to give casino operators clarity in terms of how they should address and cope with the marijuana industry and pot users.  Alamo was happy that Gov Sandoval had decided to address these issues and hold discussions with both sides.
Alamo believes that a lot of the confusion surrounding the gaming industry’s relationship with the marijuana industry is due to misinformation. He started holding committee meetings because they were well attended by members as well as the media, who would then disseminate the information to general public. State Sen. Richard “Tick” Segerblom who was one of the key legislators in favor of legalizing the use of recreational marijuana was also happy to see the Governor calling on the committee to address these key issues.
Can Casinos Host Marijuana Conventions?
Senator Segerblom believes that main focus for the committee was to address marijuana conventions in Las Vegas and whether casino properties should be allowed to host these conventions or whether they should close their doors.  Since the marijuana industry is growing rapidly in Nevada, there are a number of conventions that are expected to be held in the state during the coming months. The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo will be held in November and is expected to have as many as 650 exhibitors. The expo will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center which is not too far away from the Las Vegas Strip.
Senator Segerblom said the gaming industry cannot ignore the marijuana industry forever and these conventions are a great business opportunity for Nevada’s casinos. He stated that the marijuana industry would be hosting expos and conventions on a frequent basis because they had to address issues such as safety procedures and marijuana banking to educate marijuana sellers and buyers. He expected marijuana operators from all over the country to be visiting Las Vegas for these conventions and believes that the casino industry cannot afford to close their doors to this business opportunity.
Final Report By June 15, 2018
The Gaming Committee is expected to meet before December 15 and will then have a 6 months period to research these issues and present a report to the Governor, Control Board and Commission by June 15, 2018.

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