A number of professional poker players have left the US for good and migrated to places such as Canada and others to continue their online poker activities following the April 15 federal crack down on online poker giants PokerStars, Absolute Poker, and Full Tilt Poker. Canadian-poker.ca, which is accessible at www.canadian-poker.ca, recently announced that Daniel Negreanu has successful migrated to Toronto to get back to his position at PokerStars. Apparently, Negreanu is much more successful that Daniel Cates, who was not permitted entry into Canada.

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Speaking on the occasion, Leon Daniels, the spokesperson of Canadian-poker.ca said that the online poker gaming community has regained its confidence now the Negreanu is back to online poker and PokerStars, especially when Full Tilt Poker is shrouded in controversy and has lost all its remaining shreds of reputation. Leon further said that a number of successful professional poker players are mulling over relocating to Canada just to continue playing online poker legally and in peace. He said that the relocation of professional poker players to Canada will generate a number of benefits for the online poker gaming community in Canada.

Daniels also said that many Canadian poker players are wary about online poker after the US federal government crack down. Players who are yet to be refunded by Full Tilt Poker are the most disheartened lot, he said, adding that a number of Canadian players are simultaneously happy that PokerStars has withstood the situation and is faring well. People are especially happy about the return of Negreanu, he added. He also expressed hopes that large online poker brands will be more open to sponsoring Canadian players.

In the meanwhile, 888 Poker has sponsored Tyler Bonkowski. According to Canadian-poker.ca, the 888 group made a wise move in investing its money in online poker. A number of players already feel that 888 Poker is now one of the most prominent online poker rooms although it has not sponsored internationally acclaimed professional poker players such as Negreanu.

Not to be left behind, Party Poker has sponsored Kara Scott, the lovely Canadian professional poker player. What’s more, the online poker room has designed special poker promotions for its Canadian poker players. Speaking on this matter, Daniels said that Canadian poker players appreciate the evolution of Party Poker into one of the formidable forces in the online poker industry.

Daniels also stated that Canadian poker players truly have a great future now that Negreanu is back.

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