The plans have already been laid out for the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker, which will host a massive 62 poker events starting this September 4th to 25th and the popular Daniel Negreanu from Canada is the one player who is expecting to outdo his performance in last year’s WCOOP.

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Negreanu, who was initially a Team PokerStars Pro, very recently showed some interest in playing poker in the online space and he mentioned that performing in the digital world is as important as performing in the live poker events and it would definitely add to his worthy credentials of poker playing.

“It would mean a lot to me, specifically, because I have never had a lot of success online and that’s like a new frontier for me that I want to break through,” he said.

The year before, Negreanu attempted to bag four cash prizes at World Championship of Online Poker and he ranked eleventh out of hundred and thirteen players who participated in the event number 61- $10,000 8-Game tournament for $28,595.

We all know that the World Championship of Online Poker, predominantly known as WCOOP is a most sought after series of online poker tournaments organized by PokerStars. It began back in 2002 and, in a span of eight years, two hundred and twenty eight poker events have been hosted with more than two hundred million dollars in prize money given bagged by thousands of players who participated in the game from different parts of the world.

In this year’s World Championship of Online Poker, Daniel Negreanu mentioned that he is looking forward to participate at least in half the events this time and he can definitely play at least three events at a single time.

Talking more on from where he would be based while playing the WCOOP, he said, “Well I’m going to try to play every day, except for [when] I have to travel from Barcelona to Montenegro, then Montenegro to Budapest. Then I have an event I’m doing in Budapest one day, so those will be the only three days I plan on missing…I’m just praying that the Internet connection is good in Montenegro and Budapest.”

Here is wishing all the best to the Canadian poker Expert Daniel Negreanu and we hope he takes the title at World Championship of Online Poker 2011. Looking at the top fifteen countries who managed to win over the last eight years, United States still takes the first position with an earnings of $103,489,223, but this might change considering the online poker market is a little rocky in the country.

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