After hitting the million member mark, the Poker Player’s Alliance looks better than ever with a revamped site, new bonuses and perks for members, and now a weekly poker advice column by poker pro and celebrity Daniel Negreanu.

Leading poker advocacy organization Poker Players Alliance has been upping the ante in its quest for more members, even now that their membership has surpassed the one million mark and become a force to be reckoned with in Washington. A press release from the PPA this week announced their recent partnership with poker superstar Daniel Negreanu, who will issue a weekly poker advice newsletter for PPA members.

Canadian-born Negreanu – who is a Vegas resident – is one of the most popular and successful players in the circuit, with three WSOP bracelets to date and over $10,000 in tournament winnings. Negreanu is very active as a public personality, with several blogs and online video diaries as well as video games and instructional materials. He is naturally committed to the PPA’s cause of making poker legal and available to American players, and enthused about his new participation in this worthy cause:“I’m glad I can do something extra for PPA members.The grassroots PPA organization will help keep poker legal and available on the internet, as it should be.I am indeed honored to be working with Senator D’Amato, John Pappas, and Steve Miller to help protect the rights of Americans who want to play this great game of skill.”

PPA Chairman and former Senator Alfonse D’Amato made very positive declarations about Negreanu and this new joint venture: “We salute Daniel Negreanu and his desire to expand his relationship with the PPA (…) We’re delighted that he has agreed to work with us.With his support, we’re confident that we can grow our organization and assist poker players who want to keep this great American game of skill available to all.”

Negreanu’s blogs and columns are syndicated by Card Shark Media, led by Steven J. Miller who is also PPA state director for California. Mr. Miller said of Negreanu’s articles that they are “packed with great advice for all poker players (…) each column is fast-paced, well-written, and exudes Daniel’s engaging personality.”

According to the PPA’s press release, some of Negreanu’s upcoming poker advice will include Smart Pre-Flop Raises, Reading Tells Early, Kamikaze All-In Plays, Playing the Dubious K-Q, and Exploiting Weak-Tight Players. To receive Daniel Negreanu’s weekly poker advice column and to register for PPA membership, please visit .

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