Daniel Negreanu and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom recently sat down for the SuperStar Showdown and went head to head playing more than a 1000 hands of poker.
In a long lasting game like poker, luck only plays a small role according to Negreanu and because of this he registered for a mega sized variant of the SuperStar Showdown. According to the terms of the Showdown, for a four table, 2500 hands, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and “KidPoker” were to contest and precede their prior leftovers from the already played games for a sum of 5000 hands. Having these rules applicable, every player’s loss was to be restricted to a $150,000 challenge bankroll.
Since luck did not favour Negreanu, all the money went to Blom’s account after he won the title in 1439 hands played across four hours in the first SuperStar Showdown tournament which was to conclude before the 2500th hand. For the time being, it left many people wondering what was going to happen to the next week’s match but Negreanu reaffirmed that he would be back with a bang next week with yet another stake of $150,000 on Twitter.
Negreanu has put in a lot of effort in training on PokerStars for the SuperStar Showdown. However, it is evident that while Blom is a leading player and one of the most skilled poker players in the world when it comes to NHLE and multiple tables, Negreanu is not quite so skilled. For practice, Negreanu had trial games with Randy Lew, as well as three of Blom’s prior Showdown opponents. These included the likes of Katchalov, Isaac Haxton who uses the handle philivey2694 and Daniel Cates.
Unfortunately, although he did practice as much as he could, he may have needed more luck favoring him at the SuperStar Showdown against Blom. Conclusively, subsequent to 1439 hands, Blom won Negreanu over 1439 hands and took home $150000.
A disappointed Negreanu recuperated from the loss quite quickly and was already ready for round two. Taking risks is a part and a parcel of poker games and no one knows this better than Daniel Negreanu. Even though, he lost to quads in the six figure pots on three different circumstances on GSN’s high stakes poker, he still happens to play on the televised money game at every opportunity while others would simply quit playing poker.
“OK, officially shook off the loss. Back to the grind this week and a rematch with a fresh 150k next week,” Negreanu tweeted.

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