The battle between Phil Ivey and Full Tilt Poker is in full swing and although a few spectators are still sceptical considering the fact that Phil Ivey owns a share in the said online poker site, he now has an ardent follower and supporter in Daniel Negreanu.

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Daniel Negreanu has spoken in support of Phil Ivey and has conveyed his regards to Ivey for having stood up against Full Tilt Poker’s not paying out their players.

Phil Ivey had recently announced that he would be suing Full Tilt Poker for non-payment and also that he would not be taking part in the World Series of Poker tournament considering the recent turn of events. While as a response to this, Full Tilt Poker has slammed Ivey’s statement and called him “sanctimonious” and “frivolous”.

Daniel Negreanu is backing Phil Ivey and has expressed his admiration by stating that it is quite a big deal that Phil Ivey has given up the World Series of Poker tournament for something that he believes him, since as a professionally best poker player he would have loved to play and probably earn what he lost due to Black Friday. Negreanu also pointed out that it was interesting to notice Full Tilt’s instant response to Ivey, but they had yet not spoken or released a statement regarding the release of funds to their players. Daniel Negreanu called Full Tilt’s response low class and said that he would not ever be associated with a company that keeps its players waiting for a response.

Phil Ivey seems to have gained some support, and another Full Tilt Poker professional Eric Froehlich stated that although Phil Ivey was taking a stand based on his personal experiences and for personal reasons it is a good thing to be standing up for something that is believed in.

Some poker players are of the opinion that Phil Ivey is self-serving and wants to get away with money for himself, and there are others like Tom Dwan who at the least spoke or returning other players personal money if Full Tilt Poker would refuse to pay up.

The scenario for Full Tilt is changing and even if they do get back after these indictions they will still be unable to gain ground with their previous players who were loyal to them for so long. Full Tilt Poker has to start paying up to regain some kind of a hold with its past audience.

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