Tanking has become a big problem at poker tables and one of the most recent incidents to bring this issue to light was overly excessive amount of tanking done by Jesse Sylvia at the 2012 Main Event.
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Daniel Negreanu has now decided to champion this cause and believed that a clock would be the solution to the whole problem as he commented to Card Player TV. Negreanu also stated that it was the responsibility of the poker players to alter the trend of gratuitous tanking. “It’s within our rights as players to police the game…If I’m at the table with players that are tanking, I have the right to call the clock on them anytime I feel that they are taking an unreasonable amount of time,” he said.

In regards to Jesse Sylvia, Negreanu has used him as an illustration. Negreanu commented on Twitter: “If there was any doubt about the need for a clock in poker this is exhibit A. This is painstakingly tilting for casual viewers…”

Negreanu is not the only player to share these views as Doyle Brunson has also stated the same on the matter of gratuitous tanking, which has become a concern in tournaments. “At least we agree that something has to be done about the slow play in the poker tournaments. It makes almost unwatchable TV and is very boring. A shot clock is the answer and the only question is how long can a player wait before he acts? I think one minute is plenty of time. We had a tourney in Lake Tahoe that had a 20 second clock and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in a tournament.”

Not all players are sure to agree with the one minute period being enough time to make a decision – but perhaps a graded system of one minute being the basic allotted time plus an additional minute/30 seconds that the player can use and then a further requested 30 seconds/third minute can set a sort of Tanking grade system for players. The fast players could make their play within a minute, others who need more time could click down for a another time break and the extremely slow players would have to request for a third marking them out as the excessive tankers while simultaneously not cutting them out of the game.

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