Last month, poker pro Josh Reichard won his 11th World Series Of Poker Circuit (WSOP-C) ring at the Potawotomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He emerged victorious in the $400 Pot Limit Omaha event and found himself just one ring shy of the all-time leader – Valentin Vornicu.
His victory was made sweeter by the fact that he won it in his home state and also because his father Brett Reichard also captured a WSOP-C ring as he won in the $400 no-limit hold’em event at the Potawotomi casino a few days earlier.  This victory was the senior Reichard’s second ring, and this marked the 9th time the father-son duo has won these coveted WSOP-C rings since August 2016.
Reichard also has emerged victorious outside WSOP-C events as he garnered first place in the Heartland Championship Event in Ameristar Casino East Chicago last November.  He picked up the winner’s check for $221,293 putting his overall career winnings at more than $1.2 million.
Traces His Success To His Father’s Teachings
The younger Reichard gave credit to his father for introducing him to the game and teaching him its nuances through the small family poker events that were regularly staged.  The father-son duo traveled together when the younger Reichard was starting his professional career. The experience proved invaluable for Josh although his dad did not experience much success until he won his first WSOP-C ring in August 2016 in Cherokee.
He was happy for his father and added that winning the same series in their beloved home state put things over the top for both of them and that they are proud of each other’s successes. Josh pointed out that he learned how to play aggressive from his father’s style of playing. The experience of traveling and playing together as father and son has also enriched their relationship.
Josh added that winning in poker is also possible with a low variance style which is ultimately the opposite of his own higher variance way as he places his stack on a yo-yo.  He cited the success of his friend, Aaron Johnson who also won the HPT and Mid-States Poker Tour Player of the Year for 2018.
Both of them have achieved success on tour with their distinct playing style of poker and hence Josh wants poker players to be themselves and to stick to a strategy that they are comfortable with.
Being Part Of A Group To Discuss Poker Strategy
Josh believes that if you want to be really successful at poker, you got to really love the game and commit to becoming better 24/7. He spoke about this as a critical factor towards his continuous improvement and current success in the game.
Josh also credited his success to being part of a strong group of like-minded poker pros who played their ideas and strategies off each other. His group includes fellow WSOP-C ring winners such as Chris Conrad, Mo Nuwwarah, and Mark Fink. These brainstorming sessions gave him a unique perspective on different playing styles which turned out to be very beneficial to his success.
He cited this as an advantage when playing against top poker players as he is quickly able to adapt to these different playing styles as he is now familiar with them thanks to his poker group. He believes poker players must form masterminds and playoff each other’s strengths in order to become better and improve their strategy.
Maintaining Focus
Playing professional poker can be a tiring and stressful experience. Josh says he relies on his laidback attitude and his ability to stay calm under pressure to get him through tough situations. Poker pros who are unable to handle the ups and downs of playing poker, find it difficult to develop a consistent winning streak.
He has learned over the years to accept the downs that every poker is likely to encounter and quickly move on. Poker pros who are unable to do this, lose their focus which then makes it tougher for them to win as their attention is not fully on the game at hand.
Ultimate Poker Goal
Josh says that he is not going to pursue the record of trying to surpass Valentin Vornicu in WSOP-C rings. He is going to stick to his usual schedule of poker events and focus on winning a WSOP bracelet. He knows it is just a matter of time before he wins another WSOP-C ring and creates history – till then he will remain patient and look to increase his winnings.

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