The Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) is giving all poker players a chance to prove that they are the best by organizing a poker event comprising a series of 12 poker tournaments. Called the University Championship of Poker (UCOP), the event is scheduled to begin on September 6.

The UCOP is giving away $225,000 or €200,000 in guaranteed prizes and will end in a main event with a buy-in of $281 on September 13.

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Alex Scott, the head of poker for Microgaming, said: “The Universal Championship of Poker is our take on the poker tournament series, with a wide variety of fun events with juicy prize pools. Not only that, but in typically ambitious MPN style, we’re giving players the chance to become the ‘Greatest Poker Player in the Universe.’ Who wouldn’t want to have that trophy on their mantelpiece?”

But it is worth noting that the UCOP will be held at around the same time as PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), and there is every chance that players might prefer to play the WCOOP instead of the UCOP.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the UCOP won’t attract any attention. On the other hand, the event promises plenty of fun and prizes. It is associated with a leader board, which encourages players to earn points not just for their performance in the tournaments, but also for finishing in the cash, taking part in different tournaments, or even taking part in the UCOP’s lone Omaha tournament. In addition, players can earn points by promoting the event on social networking sites. For example, a tweet about the UCOP could earn players points while streaming their live tournament action on will help them earn many more points.

The top 10 players on the leader board will be given prizes, and the top player will be awarded a cash prize of $11,200.

The UCOP will also coincide with another major online poker event, the Full Tilt Classic, which is all set to start on September 11. This event will present 20 tournaments and a guaranteed prize pool of $270,000. Players can choose from Omaha, Hold’em, Six Card Omaha, Razz, and Mixed Game tournaments with as many as 25 games in one tourney. The main event, which has a buy-in of $100, will begin on September 20.

Full Tilt is also offering a Full Tilt Classic Play Chip Series for beginners who do not want to risk their real money.

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