Chris Moorman, the professional tournament poker player from UK, is now busy writing a poker strategy book, which he plans to release in November.

Moorman, who plays under the moniker “Moorman1,” has earned a huge sum of $11,274,978 playing online poker alone. This has made him the biggest winner of online poker tournaments in the very history of poker. Only 29 years old, the poker pro has won another $4 million playing live poker tournaments. He won $1,068,690 when he became the runner-up of the WSOPE 2011 Main Event and another $1,015,460 this year when he won the World Poker Tour (WPT) Los Angeles Poker Classic.

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His book, titled “Moorman’s Book of Poker,” explores various online poker strategies. The author has used his extensive knowledge of the game to review his co-author Byron Jacob’s hands. The book is currently only 80 percent complete, but that is enough to allow Moorman to give interested readers a peep into its contents.

The poker pro said, “Once the book is completed I will have written around 50,000 words across 100 hand histories. The book isn’t focusing on one particular part but more a combination of pre-flop and post-flop—particularly including turn and river decisions, which can often be more complicated.”

In 2009, in a bid to promote Doyles Room, his online poker room, Doyle Brunson signed a sponsorship deal with Chris Moorman, as a result of which Moorman became one of the Brunson 10, a group of professional poker players at Doyle’s Room. Brunson said at the time that Moorman reminded him of his younger days, adding that he is a “poker natural” and well on his way to becoming a legendary player.

Now, Brunson has promised to write the foreword to “Moorman’s Book of Poker.” Speaking of his days with Brunson, Moorman said that he and his friends railed Brunson whenever they played high-stakes games in Doyle’s Room. In those days, Moorman read the Super System, which led to think differently about the game of poker. Later, he not only had the good fortune of meeting Brunson, but also hanging out with him.

Expressing his opinion of Brunson, Moorman said, “He is not only a phenomenal poker player, and an ambassador for the game, but he is an incredibly generous man, with a heart of gold and plenty of charisma. Doyle Brunson is poker, and I’m incredibly proud that he wanted to contribute to this project.”