The Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas, which drew the attention of America for a couple hours on January 25 as its roof caught fire, will reopen this Friday, February 15.The fire, which along with thick clouds of black smoke, looked worse than it actually was, forced the evacuation of around 6,000 guests and employees.  

It turned out that the fire was caused by molten metal produced by workers who were cutting corrugated steel for a walkway.Clark County officials said that the workers had not followed proper safety procedures.Fortunately, the damage caused by the fire was mostly cosmetic, although the upper floors did sustain smoke and water damage.

Most of the properties facilities will be open for business on Friday, including 1,200 of the 3,000 guest rooms, the casino, restaurants, and meeting facilities, and Lance Burton’s stage show.The buffet and Monte Carlo Brew Pub will remain closed initially, but will also reopen to satisfy demand.Another 1,300 guest rooms are scheduled to reopen on by the following Friday.The remaining rooms are being renovated.

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