In a first for an east coast casino, Mohegan Sun has installed twelve PokerPro tables from PokerTek while construction of the casino’s live poker room is underway.

The PokerPro tables are computerized, with community cards, bets, and pot size displayed on a large monitor in the center of the table, and individual players’ cards and other pertinent information displayed on smaller monitors at each seat.There are no dealers – all gameplay is completely automated, like in the online game.The players are still sitting around the table together, however, so the interactive part of the live game remains intact.Automated tables reduce a casino’s long-term operating costs for the poker room, as well as allowing players to get more hands in during a session.

Mohegan Sun, like many other casinos around the country, got rid of its poker room several years ago, but with the resurgence in the game, has decided to bring it back.Its live poker room is slated to open in the summer of 2008.If the PokerPro tables remain popular once the live room opens, the casino has indicated it will keep them on the floor.

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