Minted Poker, an online poker room that used to run on Everleaf Gaming Network, recently announced that it will be migrating to Plutos Network, one of the youngest online poker networks in the industry. Existing Minted Poker players can avail of a 100 percent rakeback offer, which they can use to unlock their poker funds.

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Minted Poker decided to part ways with Everleaf Gaming Network because the online poker network allegedly held player funds and refused to honor payout requests from players. Besides, Everleaf suddenly announced that it will be withdrawing from the US market, but did not clearly inform existing US players on how they could withdraw their deposits. The network also took a long time to pay its non-US customers.

The Lotteries and Gambling Authority (LGA) of Malta, which issued an online poker license to Everleaf Gaming Network, said that the network has paid “the great majority” of players and that existing player complaints were actually lodged by affiliates pretending to be players. In spite of this assurance on the part of the LGA, complaints regarding payout delay at Everleaf continued pouring in.

Minted Poker is not only migrating to Plutos Network, but is also offering its existing customers a 100 percent rakeback, which they can use to clear their balance amounts. It may be recalled that similar offers were made by online poker companies such as Gutshot and ENET in the past.

Previously, Minted Poker had accused Everleaf of assuming complete control over MintedPoker.EU, as a result of which it could not send any emails and updates to its customers. Since Minted Poker has re-launched on the same domain, it may be safely concluded that it has resolved this issue with Everleaf Network.

Minted Poker players, however, might find it very difficult to clear their previous funds within the required deadline because player traffic to Plutos Network is very low. One of the latest entrants into the poker gaming industry, the network was created only in December 2012.

Since the network became functional only in February 2013, it is not in a position to offer too many cash game tables. Licensed in Curacao, the network has skins such as VBet, Black Room Poker, and WinPkr. According to Plutos Network’s terms and conditions, US online poker players are not accepted at any of its skins. This means that Minted Poker’s promised 100% rakeback offer will not be available to a sizeable chunk of its poker gaming customers.

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