Mike Postle will now need to find a new lawyer to represent him in his $330 million defamation lawsuit against his alleged accusers, after his former attorneys successfully dropped him as a client. The other challenge that Postle is facing comes in the form of the two defendants in the defamation case who have each filed a motion to strike with the California courts, both of which will be heard in February.
With these latest developments, Postle could be getting himself in more trouble for attempting to fight back against prominent members of the poker community, whom he accused of damaging his poker career and reputation due to the cheating allegations arising from his livestreamed cash games at Stones Gambling Hall.
Motions to Strike Filed Based on California’s Anti-SLAPP Laws
Todd Witteles, who is among the defendants in Postle’s defamation lawsuit, recently shared on Twitter the latest updates on the case, and also confirmed that he and whistleblower Veronica Brill filed motions to strike based on California’s anti-SLAPP laws. Both documents were uploaded to the Poker Fraud Alert website, which was founded by Witteles.
California has one of the country’s best laws tackling strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP). The anti-SLAPP legislation aims to protect an individual’s right of petition or free speech in suits involving a public issue. The statute allows a party to file a motion to strike complaints that are brought primarily to silence critics and discourage speech about matters that involve public interest.
If the motions to strike are granted, the judge will dismiss the case early in the litigation, with the defendants being awarded attorney’s fees and court costs.
Witteles, labeled Postle’s defamation lawsuit as “absurd” and “frivolous”, saying it was simply meant to “harass” everybody. Among other defendants listed by Postle in his lawsuit are Daniel Negreanu, Joey Ingram, Jonathan Little, Phil Galfond, Doug Polk, ESPN, and Poker News.
Witteles had already expressed his intention to fight the defamation lawsuit when Postle launched it in October 2020, just months after his cheating case, together with the ones against Stones Gambling Hall and tournament director Justin Kuraitis were dismissed for lack of evidence.
A crowd-funding site was also set up in a bid to secure funds to be used for Brill’s legal representation. The Go Fund Me campaign was able to reach its $20,000 target in less than eight hours.
In their filings, both Witteles and Brill argue that they decided to shed light on the cheating scandal without actual malice and not for the purpose of specifically targeting Postle. Both point out that they’re only exercising their freedom of speech with regards to a public issue involving a public figure.
Postle had become a popular public figure in the world of poker because of his pursuits as a cash game player. The motions claim that Postle’s persona was built and crafted to entice customers to play at Stones so they could compete against him. Both Witteles and Brill emphasize in their filings that the scandal was brought to light as a matter of public interest.
Witteles is represented by Eric Bensamochan, while Brill sought the help of Marc J. Randazza, a well-known co-counsel of noted gaming attorney Mac VerStandig (VerStandig represented the plaintiffs in the cheating case against Postle and Stones).
VerStandig said California’s anti-SLAPP law has been the main reason why spurious defamation lawsuits generally do not succeed in California, and he believes Witteles and Brill have a strong chance to have their motions granted. Both motions will come before the court on February 10 and 11 respectively.
What Will Postle’s Next Move Be?
Postle’s next move is still unknown as of now as the American poker pro has remained silent on the latest updates in his defamation case. First of all, his lawsuit could not push through without a legal representation. He needs to find someone to represent him when the motions are heard in February. Will the alleged poker cheat continue his fight? We will find out soon.

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