In the main event of the Epic Poker League after so many days of playing and competing, only eight players were left to fight for the champion title. On the final day however, players David Stiecke and Erik Seidel had the lead when the game begun. However, as the game progressed Mike McDonald began his climb and was eventually declared the winner of the Epic Poker League Main Event. His ascension from the seventh to the first position, assured him a prize money of $782410 along with the championship ring.

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The finale was not easy since many great players like Isaac Baron, Dutch Boyd, Fabrice Soulier, Erik Seidel, Name Le, David Stiecke and Sean Getzwiller were all at the table along with Mike McDonald. One after the other Boyd followed by Getzwiller was eliminated due to crossed hands and then Baron and Le left the table. After which the game cooled down and time went slow, and after five tiring hours it picked up again, and Seidel was the one to leave the table. Soulier was being bold and playing all in for most part of the day but he was called out by McDonald and had to leave.

The game in the end was between McDonald and David and there were only 23 hands of heads up play, after which finally David gave all in and McDonald called on it with a higher hand.

The Epic Poker League’s Main Event was over all exciting and fun to watch. The winner followed by David Steicke who won $506,260, and Fabrice Soulier who won $299,160. Fourth was Erik Seidel who won $184,100, followed by Name Le who won $126,570, and Isaac Barton who won $92,050 and Sean Getzwiller who won $69,040. Dutch Boyd claimed the least amount of cash worth $57,530, but it is a big deal to see that they have all won something well beyond $50k!

The next EPL is scheduled to take place from December 14th to 18th and online poker players who are interested in this event should sign up for it at the Pro/Am tournament from December 9th to December 12th.

After most of the action has vanished from the online poker world it is nice to see such huge events still taking place with the support of enthusiastic players who are still willing to play online poker.

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