All hell broke loose recently, when hostilities broke out between Microgaming Poker Network and its network site 5050 poker. The Poker site has been suspended pending corrections from their side. Microgaming is insistent that 5050 poker had breached its terms of contract, an allegation that the Poker site is denying.
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Last Friday, Microgaming spokesperson issued a statement stating, “The Microgaming Poker Network regrets that it has suspended all game play with immediate effect on the poker room of 5050Poker Ltd, for a material breach of its contract.The directors of 5050Poker Ltd have been aware of the breach since 14 June 2012. Game play will be reinstated once the breach is satisfactorily rectified.” However, the Poker site feels that Microgaming Network has changed its rules unilaterally. In a statement issued by 5050poker, the spokesperson added, “Microgaming has with very short notice, and in violation of former pretences to the subsidiary, unilaterally changed its network rules.”
The poker site insists that the move was deliberately targeted at its players, limiting their chances to play. The network has restrained the number of tables from ten to two. 5050poker took another jab at the network saying that their move is yet another example of their discriminatory attitude towards game operators, whom they redeem, unfit.
5050poker seemed to be taking the whole brunt of the suspension, with their players adversely affected with reduced earnings. 5050poker was unable to determine the extent of the damage they would suffer on a longer run and hence, was reconsidering to move out of the network. Again, the poker subsidiary blamed Microgaming for their illegalities concerning discrimination. 5050poker has decided to challenge Microgaming’s decision and are now looking for ways to beat their rule change.
Microgaming has however, moved on to process the implementation of a new pro-player recreational Poker environment, in an attempt to move away from winning rakeback grinders. Since Microgaming is restructuring to become recreational than having poker rooms with winning grinders, Swedish poker site 5050poker had released a statement few hours ago, to leave Microgaming network for good. 5050poker blamed their move on Microgaming’s requirement of additional guarantees, which is needed to lift the ban.
5050poker would be announcing information on its new network soon, as decisions are yet to be made. The Swedish company is popular throughout Europe, and publically trades in Stockholm NASDAQ OMX.

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