Michael Tureniec, the Swedish poker pro who had finished second at EPT London in 2008, emerged as the champion of the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Copenhagen No Limit Hold’em Main Event. He added €496,271 to his impressive poker bankroll.
This happens to be his first EPT win and his total winnings are now $3,422,518. Per Linde, another Swedish poker pro, finished second and won €328,612. Juha Helppi, a Finnish poker player, finished eighth and won a prize of €39,755.
The players at the final table were Andrea Dalle Molle, Per Linde, Nikolas Liakos, Mudassar Khan, Kevin Iacofano, John Eames, Michael Tureniec, and Juha Helppi. The first to get knocked off the table, in spite of being one of the top poker players there, was Helppi, who got pocket queens at the wrong time. He and Andreas Dalle Molle, who finished seventh twenty minutes later, were knocked off by John Eames, the English professional player. After quarter hour, Turniec knocked off Mudassar Khan from the table and Nikolas Liakos followed him shortly.
Turniec continued eliminating players till there were just 3 standing. The battle now became very intense and looked as if it would rage for several hours. Finally Michael Tureniec and Per Linde were left battling it out at the table with chip stacks of 9,510,000 and 3,885,000, respectively. Although the battle looked like it would continue into the night, it ended at 8:30 p.m. with Linde holding a pair of sevens and Tureniec holding an AJ combination. Tureniec placed a bet of 225,000, which Linde re-raised to 600,000. Tureniec retaliated by re-raising all in, following which Linde called all in. This resulted in Tureniec winning the event and the prestigious EPT title along with a fabulous prize of €496,271.
The final table results are as follows: Michael Tureniec of Sweden emerged as the EPT Copenhagen champion and won a prize of €496,271. Per Linde, also of Sweden, finished second and won €328,612. John Eames of United Kingdom finished third and won €187,778, Kevin Iacofano of United States finished fourth and won €134,127, Nikolas Liakos of Sweden finished fifth and won €100,595, Mudassar Khan of Denmark finished sixth and won €80,476, Andrea Dalla Molle of Italy finished seventh and won €60,357, and Juha Helppi of Finland finished eighth and won €39,755.
The next PokerStars EPT event will be held in Alps in Austria. Called Snowfest, the event will be run from March 20 – 25.

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